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About Us

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The Chinese Language Teachers Association of Western Australia was founded in 1984 with the following aims:

To promote the teaching and study of the Chinese language in Western Australia; 
To undertake activities designed to extend the knowledge of members on all aspects of the Chinese language and teaching methodology;
To organise appropriate activities for students of the Chinese language;
To edit and publish or arrange for the editing and publication of materials to assist members and students of Chinese;
To raise funds by subscription, donation and grants from government and private sources to aid the activities of the CLTAWA;
To assist members to extend employment opportunities.

In 1994, the CLTAWA initiated the establishment of the Chinese Language Teachers' Federation of Australia .

Members of the Association come from public and private primary and secondary schools, tertiary institution and ethnic schools.
The CLTAWA is an affiliate of the Chinese Language Teachers' Federation of Australia and the Modern Language Teachers' Association of Western Australia. 
Meet the Committee
Executive Members
  1. Priscilla Prince
    Priscilla Prince
  2. Dr Hua Li
    Dr Hua Li
    Vice President
  3. Jieqi Zhang
    Jieqi Zhang
    Immediate Past President
  4. Apple Chu
    Apple Chu
Committee Members
  1. Ma Xuan Li
    Ma Xuan Li
    Media Coordinator and Community school Coordinator
  2. Stephanie Zhang
    Stephanie Zhang
    Secondary School Coordinator
  3. Liao Jia
    Liao Jia
    Primary School Coordinator
  4. Dr Qian Gong
    Dr Qian Gong
    Tertiary Coordinator & Social Coordinator
  5. Pricilla Prince
    Pricilla Prince
    Public Relations & PD Coordinator
  6. Yarong(Olivia) Xu
    Yarong(Olivia) Xu
    Secretary Assistant
Committee Adviser
  1. Geoff Davis AM
    Geoff Davis AM
Become A Committee Member
The Chinese Language Teachers Association of Western Australia welcomes members who would like to contribute to our association join us. Please nominate you or your friend before AGM to become a committee member of CLTAWA. Please go through the following two documents for your nomination. 

2019-2020 Committee nomination form 

CLTAWA committee roles and responsibility 2019-2020